Astronaut Mike Mullane, Author, “Riding Rockets, The Outrageous Tales of a Space Shuttle Astronaut”“As one of the first female astronauts, Dr. Rhea Seddon was a pioneer in every sense of that word. Many books have been written by the men of the space program, but only a rare few by the women and fewer yet by the original six and NONE by their own hand.”
Kathy Sullivan, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrator“Rhea Seddon and I embarked on a remarkable journey together in 1978, when we become two of the first six women astronauts in U.S. history. The unique bond that formed among us as we weathered the intense media storm following our arrival on the scene and navigated the complex challenge of joining such a tightly-knit, all-male community has seasoned over the years into a very special friendship. So I’m delighted that Rhea has stepped forth as the first of our six to tell her story first-hand.”
Rick Chappell, Former Chief Scientist, Marshall Space Flight Center"Rhea Seddon’s book “Go For Orbit” is wonderfully done! It is so effective in portraying the experience of training to fly on the shuttle and the experience of flight. So many of the things are treated so clearly and personally. The candid personal aspects of her experience are captured with insider truthfulness and aplomb. She shows the ability and willingness to let the reader see inside her heart and mind as she makes life-determining decisions. Throughout the story, I found myself impressed by the underpinning of careful logic that guides her and her family’s choices—a logic that is always tempered with the influence of the heart, recognizing the importance of both thinking and feeling when one has chosen a life of exploration and has committed to do things that no one has ever done before."

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