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Lessons learned from an exciting and varied career.

Since 1978, when she suddenly found herself thrust onto an international stage becoming one of NASA’s first female Astronauts, Dr. Rhea Seddon has shared her experiences with numerous and diverse audiences across the globe.

Dr. Seddon’s life journey didn’t end at “wheels stop” of the Space Shuttle. During her presentations, she recounts how chance conversations and helpful friends along the way brought new and exciting opportunities at every turn.

Having spanned a variety of careers that skyrocketed her from one “universe” to the next — surgeon to astronaut and mother, healthcare executive to business woman, author to international speaker, and recently, president of a large women’s charity group – each experience and environment prepared her to handle the next transition. Rhea is confident that her career successes came through the understanding that there is no greater power than teamwork and the value and security that it provides.

Rhea makes a point to express that she learned leadership from the very best military colleagues, NASA bosses, healthcare greats, and important mentors, that included both men and women. Dr. Seddon is confident in stating that in addition to providing a way to study human adaptation and see glorious views of planet Earth, spaceflight taught her a myriad of important life lessons that we can teach and inspire us all.

She’d love to share her stories with you!

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So many of us fail to take advantage of the myriad opportuniites that appear in our lives. Some of us don’t see them, others are afraid to pursue them. Dr. Rhea Seddon went from small town girl to outer space and on to other amazing careers.

Her story will inspire you to realize when opportunity knocks by understanding:

  • The power of planning, preparation and being ready
  • The wisdom of having a goal…and a back-up plan
  • The appearance of an open door
  • The search for a new path and why it’s never too late
  • The value of the network of people you know
  • The challenge of overcoming the fear of moving on


Wherever you go, whatever your life’s work, it is teamwork that will make your dream work. After a lifetime of lifetime of working with, participating in and leading diverse teams of varying sizes, constituents and goals.

Dr. Rhea Seddon will share lessons learned about:

  • Molding a group of people into a team
  • Defining the team’s goals
  • Choosing and developing team players
  • Recognizing what motivates your team
  • Dealing with “outliers”
  • Practicing and learning from failure… and success


Dr. Rhea Seddon didn’t start out to be a leader but the paths she chose required that she become one.  Using examples from her multiple careers she will reveal the keys to discover the leader within you.

She will show you the secrets of:

  • What to do if you are not a born leader
  • How to apply the 3 principles of military leadership
  • Why “it’s the people, stupid” and understanding “the led”
  • When failure is an option and how to learn from it
  • Who your role models can be – the good, the bad and the ugly

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